News: (Updated 3/29/17)

-The Sulcatas have started hatching!!! :)
-Reserve a tortoise from an upcoming hatch date by putting 20% down, email me to do so!


Welcome to Arizona Sulcata. I pride myself in breeding some of the healthiest tortoises out there. In the midst of the unsettling amount of misinformation out there, I hope to provide a breath of fresh air in the world of tortoises. We don't cut corners here and do everything in our power to make sure you will have a tortoise that will last a lifetime, literally. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, just visit the "Contact Us" page. Thank you!!


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Upcoming Sulcata Hatch Dates Available for Reservation

3/30/17 (Reserved)

4/5/17 (Available)

4/5/17 (Available)

4/6/17 (Available)

4/17/17 (Available)

4/30/17 (Available)

5/1/17 (Available)

5/2/17 (Available)

5/8/17 (Available)

5/21/17 (Available)

5/30/17 (Available)

6/10/17 (Available)

6/12/17 (Available)

6/14/17 Available)

6/29/17 (Available)