Do's and Don'ts


-Do keep a water dish in the enclosure. Some say not to because they get all the water they need in their food. This is very wrong. They need the water and it will help out with humidity.

-Do keep a heat lamp on at night. Yes tortoises need a night and daytime feel but they make bulbs that simulate night time. Without the heat at night tortoises can get sick.

-Do keep a healthy ratio of tortoises together. Tortoises are just fine being alone. If you wish to add more, they do best in groups of three or more. With pairs of two, one will often be bullied. With adults keep a healthy ratio of males to females. If you have 3 males and one female you will have many problems. However a group of one male and three females is much more safe or even 4 females and/or 4 males. For whatever you have, make sure they have plenty of space to rome around and have space to separate from each other.


-Do not use sand or rabbit pellets as substrate. Sand will irritate your tortoise to no end and creates a very dry environment. Pet Stores will often recommend rabbit pellets but this creates a dry environment as well and the pellets can cause harm to your tortoise.

-Do not worry about over feeding your tortoise. Tortoises will eat when hungry and will stop when full. I think it's best for your tortoise to have constant access to food.

-Do not feed your tortoise fruit very often if at all. Tortoises don't digest the sugars very well.

-Do not mix different species or tortoises. Not only are their sizes most likely going to be significantly different, but tortoises can get different species of tortoises sick.