Tortoise Myth Busters

Myth Buster #1: "My tortoise is 100 years old!" Your tortoise likely won't live to be 100. In the wild this is possible but in captivity 50 is a much more likely number.

Myth Buster #2: "My tortoise looks lonely" Tortoises don't get lonely. In the wild they actually prefer to be alone so they don't have to compete over resources. 

Myth Buster #3: "I ordered a male and female hatchling" You can't tell the sex of a young tortoise, breeders that tell you otherwise are just trying to make a sale. Temp sexing refers to the incubation temperature they were kept at which can influence their sex one way or the other however it's not accurate so you still realistically have a 50-50 shot. For Sulcatas you usually can't start to determine their sex until they are a minimum of 6" but most likely larger. 

Myth Buster #4: "My tortoise gets all the water it needs through its food" Tortoises need to have access to water at all times. Hydration is especially important with tortoises kept in captivity because we can't mimic the moisture they get from living underground nearly all year round in the wild.