ZERO Pyramiding, 100% Health Guarantee

We are very proud to offer the only zero pyramiding, 100% health guarantee on the entire market!! We put our money where our mouth is. If you are not happy with the health/condition of your tortoise when it arrives we will reimburse the entire cost of your tortoise excluding shipping. We stand behind our claims that we breed the happiest, healthiest tortoises out there! Now you can buy with peace of mind.

AZ Sulcata's Guarantee

Here at Arizona Sulcata we can guarantee the most healthy, happy tortoises out there. I see other tortoises on Craigslist and fellow breeders websites and they all have one thing in common, unhealthy tortoise conditions. You need to know what you are looking for and what to avoid when buying tortoises. Perhaps the most common problem is pyramiding. Breeders don't want to spend the extra money and time spraying and giving them the proper care they need along with calcium supplements and UV rays to ensure proper shell growth. Here at Arizona Sulcata we don't cut corners and you can be sure that each tortoise we sell is in prestine condition. That is our guarantee and we promise you will leave happy and stay happy with our great Torts!

Live Arrival Guarantee

All tortoises are guaranteed to arrive alive. If one is to arrive dead we can refund the cost of the tortoise if the following criteria are met: 

1) A picture is sent of the tortoise an hour upon arrival. 

2) Someone was there to receive and sign for the tortoise on the first attempt. 

3) The death is reported within an hour upon arrival. 

4) The shipping company delivered the tortoise by the scheduled 10:30 AM delivery time.

5) The dead specimen must be shipped back to us (USPS Priority Mail Small Box) within a week and we will pay for that cost of shipping.

*If the criteria is met we will surely issue a refund for the cost of the tortoise. 

**We cannot Guarantee the live arrival of a tortoise if at any time during transportation the temperature falls below 20 degrees.**