Shipping Policy

One of our guarantees here at Arizona Sulcata is that we promise our tortoises leave happy and healthy.  We are not responsible for the shipping carrier's mistakes and/or a customer not being there to sign for a tortoise. If on the rare chance a tortoise is harmed during shipping we can issue a refund on shipping if the following criteria are met: 1) The customer signed for the tortoise on the first attempt by the shipping company 2) The shipping company arrived a day late or longer. If those two criteria are met we'd be happy to issue a refund on shipping.


Our tortoises usually sell out very quickly. In order to reserve a future hatchling send me an email and you can reserve one (or however many you'd like) by putting a non-refundable downpayment of 20%. Once the tortoises hatch you will be notified and have 2 weeks to pay the rest of the 80% remaining on your order. Once the two weeks pass the tort(s) will be sold to the next person in line.

**Hatching dates and availability can always be viewed on the Home Page as well as the corresponding species' page.**

Orders of 10 Tortoises and Over

We welcome large orders of tortoises and supply discounts for larger quantities. In order to protect ourselves with reservations and other customers wanting smaller quantities, a non-refundable 20% down payment will be required when placing a reservation of 10 or more tortoises. You will have two weeks to make the rest of the payment on your order after I contact you and I will give three contact attempts. If there is no response/payment after that time period we reserve the right to sell the tortoises to other customers. If we have what you are wanting in stock then no down payment will be necessary.

Cold Weather Shipping

We take special precautions when shipping in cold weather. We use extra thick 1.25" insulated coolers not the standard .25" styrofoam lined boxes like most other breeders and retailers use. They are shipped with a 40 hour heat pack designed for live reptile shipping. We recommend not shipping live animals if the low temperature on the buyer's end is under 30 degrees. Shipping below 30 degrees would negate our live arrival guarantee. If the low temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees the package will need to be sent to your nearest FedEx hub for pickup. This way the tortoise(s) will be held in a temperature controlled environment rather than being on a cold truck until delivery. Those that wish to have us ship in a different manner against our will not be eligible for any live arrival or health guarantee. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

All tortoises are guaranteed to arrive alive. If one is to arrive dead we can refund the cost of the tortoise if the following criteria are met: 

1) A picture is sent of the tortoise an hour upon arrival. 

2) Someone was there to receive and sign for the tortoise on the first attempt. 

3) The death is reported within an hour upon arrival.

4) The shipping company delivered the tortoise by the scheduled 10:30 AM delivery time.

5) The dead specimen must be shipped back to us (USPS Priority Mail Small Box) within a week and we will pay for that cost of shipping.

**If the criteria is met we will surely issue a refund for the cost of the tortoise.**

**There is no Live Arrival Guarantee if the buyer chooses to book the shipment themselves**

ZERO Pyramiding, 100% Health Guarantee

We are the first and to my knowledge only breeder or tortoise retailer who offers a zero pyramiding, 100% health guarantee on the market! This guarantees that the tortoise you receive was started off correctly, has no pyramiding started, and is in every single way 100% healthy to your highest standards. If you are unhappy with your tortoise then we are happy to provide a full refund on the cost of the tortoise. The buyer will need to send the tortoise(s) back in its original shipping container/box with priority overnight shipping to receive the full refund.

4" Law

Tortoises sold under 4" are for scientific, research purposes only.