We ship our tortoises via FedEx Priority Overnight. Tortoises are scheduled to arrive by 10:30 AM on the delivery date. All tortoise deliveries will require an adult signature so please make sure someone is there to accept the tortoise(s). I will schedule the shipping date prior to sending so I can determine what day works best for you to have your tort come! You will receive the tracking information the afternoon the tortoise has been sent. I will personally monitor the tortoises' status till he/she arrives safe and sound! Don't worry about having to call the shipping company and deal with constant transfers. If a problem does occur I will deal with the shipper myself and get everything resolved while maintaining constant communication with you so you know what is going on.

No Hassle, Worry Free Shipping 

Like I stated before, I will take care of any problem that arises during shipping. On top of that I am happy to provide a Live Arrival Guarantee on all tortoises. Get your tortoise delivered with peace of mind! 

Shipping Pricing

Tortoises purchased directly through the website have a flat rate of $55 priority overnight shipping. In most cases we can get that shipping price lowered, especially to those west of the Mississippi. Please email us and include your zip code for a shipping quote!

**Adult shipping varies, please contact for shipping quotes**

**Cold weather shipping prices vary from the flat rate due to use of larger, insulated boxes**

Cold Weather Shipping

We take special precautions when shipping in cold weather. We use extra thick 1.25" insulated coolers not the standard .25" styrofoam lined boxes like most other breeders and retailers use. They are shipped with a 40 hour heat pack designed especially for live reptile shipping. We recommend not shipping live animals if the low temperature on the buyer's end is under 30 degrees. Shipping below 30 degrees would negate our live arrival guarantee. If the low temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees the package will need to be sent to your nearest FedEx hub for pickup. This way the tortoise(s) will be held in a temperature controlled environment rather than being put on a cold truck until delivery. Those that wish to have us ship in a different manner will not be eligible for any live arrival or health guarantee.