We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL YEAR health guarantee!

Arizona Sulcata

We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL year health guarantee!

About Me

About Me

I started off breeding tortoises as a hobby and as a way to pay for my college tuition. Little did I know then that it would shape the rest of me and my families life. I quickly found out there was a large hole in the market for properly raised tortoises and there was, and still is today, a vast amount of misinformation out there surrounding tortoise care which I found very troubling. I decided to focus all my energy into perfecting the breeding process in order to provide people with tortoises that would truly last a lifetime. Over the years I've developed a spotless reputation for breeding the healthiest hatchlings out there. I decided to take things even further by offering the first and only full year health guarantee on all of my tortoises. Amid the plethora of misinformation is the myth that these tortoises are somehow fragile and suffer from hatchling failure syndrome. This is the biggest lie in the tortoise industry and is nothing other than an excuse for poor breeding practices. Tortoises are actually one of, if not the most hardy, toughest animals on the planet. The problem is that the first few weeks in a tortoise's life will determine how the rest of its life plays out and most breeders either have no idea what they are doing, are lazy, or are simply in it to make a fast buck. Those tortoises since they are so resilient will live on for months after they are sold to their new owners not knowing that they were doomed from the start. Then when the tortoise is clearly ill months later the breeder passes off the blame as hatchling failure syndrome. I can attest after years of offering a full year health guarantee that hatchling failure syndrome is a myth or I would not offer the guarantees that I do. I'm here to educate and be a breath a fresh air among all the contradicting info you will read online. Customer or not, I'm always happy and available to answer questions and help out any tortoise owner in need!


Not only do I offer the best hatchlings on the market but I now offer ready to hatch eggs you can get shipped to your door and hatch yourself! I also offer a complete hatchling setup kit, the only of its kind on the market. I've handpicked a complete set of supplies you will need to raise a happy healthy tortoise! No more wondering what bulbs you need, what wattages, what substrates, it's all included in one stress free package complete with a setup video for you to follow step by step!

It should go without saying I offer lifetime support to anyone in the tortoise community whether it was purchased through me or elsewhere. I'm more than happy to help anyone out with any questions you might have regarding the care of your tortoise(s). Email me day or night and I will get back to you as soon as possible to offer a helping hand!  

How to Order

Feel free to place an order through our Online Checkout page or simply email me and I can send you an electronic invoice to pay. I ship anywhere in the US (excluding Hawaii). Credit, Debit, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle are accepted.