We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL YEAR health guarantee!

Arizona Sulcata

We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL year health guarantee!

Policy Page

Full Year Health Guarantee (Best in the Industry)

Yes you read that correctly... Here at Arizona Sulcata as of 2018 I am offering a full year health guarantee with all of my tortoises. I claim to breed the healthiest tortoises and this is me backing it up. No other breeder or retailer has anything like it on the market, if they do I will beat it! This guarantee DOES include a Live Arrival Guarantee. Your tortoise is protected the moment it is purchased. Other breeders and retailers have strict guidelines to qualify for even a live arrival guarantee, that's crazy! I guarantee the healthy arrival of your tortoise whether or not the shipping company delivers on time and no matter the weather conditions! It shouldn't be up to the customer to be liable for an improperly shipped tortoise and with my guarantee you are covered! In order to qualify for this guarantee you must do the following:

1. Follow my care instructions as seen here on the Care Page on this website. 

2. Email a picture of your enclosure for my approval PRIOR to receiving your tortoise(s). 

3. Sign for the package on the first delivery attempt.


This guarantee not only protects you but it helps me better prepare customers on how to care for them before they make a purchase and ensures that my tortoises will be going to knowledgeable, loving homes. 

**Disclaimer** This guarantee does not include accidentals such as and are not limited to: dog/cat attacks, dropping them, drownings, a tortoise flipping over on it's back, improper care techniques, Vet mistakes, and/or failure to follow my care instructions. This guarantee is void if it is determined you have not properly cared for your tortoise. Hatchlings living outdoors will NOT meet my care instructions and as such will not be included with a full year guarantee. 

To make a claim email a picture of your tortoise and a separate picture of the enclosure within 3 hours of death. If you have met the criteria and it has been within a year of your purchase date I will refund the entire cost of the tortoise. Please note shipping costs cannot be refunded for any reason. I reserve the right to choose between a refund or a replacement. Replacement tortoises must have their return shipping paid for. If a replacement tortoise is sent out then that order is deemed final, there are no replacements or refunds offered on replacement tortoises. 


Not only do I offer the markets best full year health guarantee but the best live arrival shipping guarantee out there. Our full year health guarantee covers the guaranteed live arrival of your tortoise(s). To qualify simply sign for the package on the first delivery attempt. I even still offer the guarantee for late arrivals! Live animal shipping days are Mon-Wed. Any special requests to ship on a Thursday are void of any health or live arrival guarantee due to the risk of late delivery over the weekend. If temperatures are extreme and the buyer does not wish to pickup at their nearest FedEx facility at my recommendation then the live arrival guarantee is void. Refunds are void if the wrong shipping address has been provided, the shipping carrier loses the package, or there is a delay longer than 72 hours. Please keep in mind I cannot refund shipping costs for any reason but can refund the cost of the tortoise(s).


Our tortoises usually sell out very quickly. In order to reserve a future hatchling send me an email and you can reserve one (or however many you'd like) by putting a non-refundable down payment of 20%. Once the tortoises hatch you will be notified and have 2 weeks to pay the rest of the 80% remaining on your order. If a tortoise is not paid for in full by the agreed due date then the deposit will be forfeited. All deposits are non-refundable since they are held on a first come first serve basis.

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale orders do not qualify for my full year health guarantee simply because it would be too difficult to follow up on the care of each tortoise in a wholesale order. Wholesale orders do still get my live arrival guarantee and all it entails. Wholesale orders are classified as any order over 5 tortoises.

Tortoise Eggs (Hatch your own tortoise) 100% Hatch Guarantee

I guarantee all my shipped tortoise eggs will hatch! If any egg does not hatch with 35 days of receiving it then you will be refunded for the cost of that egg or offered replacement so long as you used the correct incubator, followed my instructions, and signed for the package on the first delivery attempt. Pictures, video, and return of the egg may be required (at our own expense) to confirm validity of the claim. Once a tortoise starts hatching it is deemed a successful hatch. Due to the unknowns of birth I cannot guarantee the health of any tortoise once it has started to hatch. In the event of a tortoise not hatching a refund or replacement will be offered. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Order Cancellations

All completed order cancellations or returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee of the cost of the tortoise(s) or supplies. Ad listings are not free and are taken down once a tortoise is purchased. The fee goes towards recovering those losses, potential customer / sales losses, and the time it takes to relist the animals and place the ads for resell. Please do your research and know you are making a commitment when you purchase a live animal.

4" Law

Tortoises sold under 4" are for scientific, research purposes only.