We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL YEAR health guarantee!

Arizona Sulcata

We breed happy, healthy tortoises. Home of the FULL year health guarantee!


"I purchased a sulcata from Austin back in March, and I have to say that this was one of the best online reptile purchases I've ever made. Austin provided amazing customer service before, during, and even after I received my tortoise - and he has a one year guarantee on his animals! That's beyond industry standard, and how you know you're getting a healthy, thriving tortoise. He's been more than willing to answer any questions I've had, and the tort is already growing like a weed! Not to mention he has excellent prices :) Thanks Austin!"

-Kyle McDaniel on Google

"It's almost been a year since I've gotten my Filburt, he is as healthy and happy as can be! Arizona Sulcata is hands down the BEST tortoise breeder I've come across. I'm so happy to celebrate Filbert's first birthday soon and it's all because he was a healthy baby before I got him. Arizona Sulcata has extensive knowledge and practice excellent husbandry to ensure the health of the torts. They answered all my questions and sent me care information that really helped. My tortoise has thrived throughout this year and I couldn't be more happier with my decision to choose AZsulcata. Highly recommend for any tortoise lover!"

-Brooke on Google

"I made the mistake of purchasing a tortoise from a bad breeder that was highly well known and it died shortly after and they did nothing about it. I was referred to Arizona Sulcata through members on the Tortoise Forum and I was blown away by his responsiveness, knowledge, and care he gives to his tortoises. I received my little guy and he was running around exploring his new home and was an eating machine right off the bat. His shell was flawless and smooth and just perfect, I couldn't have been happier. I can see why he offers a years guarantee on his animals."

-Stephanie Grayson on Google

"We have received our baby yesterday. I have local breeders but there are several big reasons I choose Austin. 1. One year guarantee! No other markets provide this. This means the breeder has confidence in their health baby and responsibility for customers. 2. Almost 24/7 online support on FB message before purchase. Austin replied within 10 min always with all kinds of questions. Super helpful! 3. Austin gave me 4 options to choose before shipping which make me pick a unique one for me. 4. After sale support is also great, I know lots of breeders will not reply once sold. Highly recommend!"

-Weili Zhang on Google

"Austin is a very nice at AZsulcata. He worked with me on payment, he answers my questions in 5 to 10 min. I bought 2 baby sulcatas from him . They are in best of Health . So everybody let Arizona Sulcatas be your place for tortoises . Thanks for all your help Austin"

-Hoseman441 on the Tortoise Forum

"I received 2 VERY healthy hatchlings from Austin and YES he is very prompt in response and prices are very reasonable. Very pleased with the torts and may order more in future.."

-MORTYtheTORTY on the Tortoise Forum

"Austin Clayton at Arizona Sulcata answered all emails promptly and with appropriate detail. He, proactively provided care information. He was very precise about shipping times and details. Prices were 25% cheaper than Backwater and he breeds and ships personally. Communication was well above average. This was done via email etc.... He will provide a phone number and will offer to speak in person (Backwater refuses to accept or make calls to customers). It is important to note that I didn't talk to Austin personally and cannot comment regarding such interaction with first hand knowledge. Tymmysaurus Rex was a very fat, healthy, lively little critter who ate and roamed immediately upon delivery. At this juncture, I would have to rate Arizona Sulcata very highly and personally recommend them."

-Clocktower6 on the Tortoise Forum

" I've purchased a number of tortoises from Arizona Sulcata over the years. Their tortoises really stand out from everyone else's. They are always in the best of health and look AMAZING!!! Austin responds to emails almost immediately and always makes it an easy and fulfilling experience! 5 stars all around, thanks again!"

-C&M Distributing on Google

"I agree with everyone else. I bought a sulcata from Austin a couple of months ago and he is as advertised. I have a very healthy and smooth growing sully. 5* all the way!!! I will definitely do business with him again."

-RonHayes on the Tortoise Forum

"Austin is great! He always answers all of my questions and is very accommodating! I got three beautiful and wonderful sulcata tortoises from him. I also got a thermometer and 8 pounds of Mazuri. I can't compliment him enough. Five stars Austin!!!!Rose"

-lovelyrosepetal on the Tortoise Forum

"The owner is very knowledgeable and I did everything he said to raise my tortoises up and 14 months later look at how perfect these tortoises are, and huge!"

-Hayden Smith on Google

"Just reserved my baby salcata that i did buy online all safe and sound seems very healthy and im happy 😊 awsome price too. I did shop around and by far this is the best place. Highly recommended"

-Paula Sloan on Google

"Delivered on time, packaged well, and we now have the cutest little tort tort there is."

-Andie Fromm on Google

" My son loves his turtle!!! We reserved one almost 2 months in advance for my son's birthday and Austin kept us up to date and scheduled a shipping day around my schedule. His communication was outstanding and the little turtle we got was even better."

-Sarah Clarke on Google

"HUGE THANKS!!! I was a bit skeptical at first about having a tortoise shipped to me but after reading reviews and asking around this seemed like the place to go. Austin talked me through the shipping process and put me at ease along with guaranteeing its safe arrival. I've been wanting a Sulcata for years and the one I received exceeded all expectations! I continue to ask questions well and Austin still answers all my questions. Service was beyond exceptional!"

-Steve Flake on Google

"I purchased 2 babies, a year and a half ago. They are growing, perfect, and healthy! I would highly recommend Arizona Sulcata!"

-Ash G. on Google